December 1st, 2019

Homer Xmas

Christmas Shopping for Potus Geeks

It's December 1st. You've probably starting to think about what to get for the potus_geeks on your Christmas list. Or maybe you're just looking for a nice way to treat yourself and spend some of that Christmas cash from gifts you take back or gift cards you receive. Here are few ideas (recycled from a post in this community last December) suggesting five gifts for you to put under the tree for someone special this Christmas.

1. Presidents Pez Dispensers: Available from the Pez Company at this link, Pez makes its traditional dispensers with a series of the Presidents. A number of sets have been sold out, (here is a search page for the Presidents sets showing what is still available.) This is a great gift for the geek with a sense of humor, though I must warn you, it takes great restraint not to take them out of the package and start playing with them!


2. Presidents Dollar Coin Proofs from the US Mint: Every year I ask Santa to send me a set of the annual US Presidents Dollar proofs from the US mint. Every three months, a new Presidential Dollar is released, with the most recent one being Ronald Reagan. (Here is an earlier post in this community about the program) and here is the link to purchase the mint's current selection of Presidential Medals.

3. Presidents Life-Size Cutouts: Thanks to Twitter friend Matt Barry for this idea. A website called sells lifesize cardboard cutouts of Presidents. How would you like a six foot Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama or Richard Nixon in your living room or potus_geeks library? There are many different options and every past president is available!


4. Zazzle: Go to and put "US Presidents" into the search engine, and you'll come up with a variety of Presidents on coffee mugs, t-shirts, campaign buttons, postcards, fridge magnets, posters, clocks, throw pillow, key chains, beer steins, mouse pads and other novelty items. Looking for something for that William Henry Harrison fan on your list? How about this great shirt?


5. Presidential DVDs: For the videophile on your list, may I suggest that you go to the April 2013 archives of this community, when our theme was Presidents in Movies, for a list of wonderful movies based on the lives of Presidents. If your gift recipient prefers something in the documentary fare, this link lists some of the great PBS documentaries about presidents.

6. The Official White House Christmas Ornament: Every year the White House Historical Society releases the Official White House Christmas Ornament. This link will not only take you to this year's ornament (shown below), but some from past years as well. (This year's ornament is based on Dwight Eisenhower's presidential helicopter). Bring a little of the White House into your house this Christmas.

7. Presidential Library Gift Shop Items: You don't have to visit a Presidential Library to shop there. Thanks to the magic of online shopping, you can browse and order gifts from the historic sites of all your favorite Presidents or those of the people on your shopping list. They're easy to find thanks to your favorite search engine. Put "(President's name) Gift Shop" into the Google or the Bing and you should find a link. But let me help. Here are the links for the gift shops for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy.

Those are just a few ideas. I hope they help, and I hope you can get your personal Santa to read this post in time for Christmas.

Please comment with any suggested additions for this list!