July 3rd, 2015


Potus Geeks Goes to the Carter Museum

First of all, mea culpa. In my haste to leave on this trip, I left my digital camera at home, hence the pictures in this post are courtesy of my iPhone.

I'm in Atlanta for a conference, most of which takes place today, Saturday and on Sunday morning. Yesterday, other than registering for the conference, I had a free day. I decided, geekiest of the potus_geeks that I am, to spend part of it at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum and Library (and the other part at a Braves game!) Here's what I saw at the Carter Library:

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In my mind, it is important to distinguish Carter the man and the Carter Presidency. I have no doubt that Jimmy Carter is a good man, with genuine motives to make the world a better place, with the welfare of the less fortunate in his heart. His accomplishments as President in combating double digit inflation and 20% plus interest rates, and in earning the confidence of his nation are less meritorious, even if his heart was in the right place. Unlike other museums that look at both their presidents' accomplishments as well as failings (the Reagan and Nixon museums come to mind), the Carter museum makes no such admission. Having said that, I don't wish to discourage anyone from visiting the Carter Museum, and on the contrary, I do recommend a visit here if you are in Atlanta. I enjoyed my visit here very much, and will gladly return if I ever am in Atlanta again.