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The Truman Show

One hundred and twenty-six years ago today, on May 8, 1884, Harry Truman was born in Lamar, Missouri. His middle name was S (that's right, a single alphabet) and whenever he signed his name, he never used a period after the S because it wasn't an abbreviation. He was given the middle name supposedly because both of his grandfathers' names began with S (his paternal grandfather Shippe and his maternal grandfather Solomon) and his parents didn't want to show favouritism.

There's lots to say about Truman. I've already journalled about how he succeeded FDR and someday I hope to journal about his decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. For now though, I think I'll keep this short and just post (behind a cut) some pictures I took last summer when I went to visit the Truman Presidential Library and Museum in Independence, Missouri. Last summer my s.o. and I went to Kansas to visit with his family. While he was doing family stuff, I snuck away for a couple of days to see a ball game in Kansas City, which is a city that straddles the Kansas-Missouri border. I wondered how far into Missouri I would have to drive to see the Truman museum, and was pleased to learn that Independence was a suburb of Kansas City. Behind the cut are some pics from the museum.

1. The entrance to the beautifully designed main building.


2. An official portrait of the man from Independence.


3. Truman's office is replicated here, complete with the famous "The Buck Stops Here" sign on his desk. They sold little replicas of it at the gift shop and now I have one on the desk in my office at work.


4. A lifelike bronze sculpture of Truman built to his exact height looks out on the courtyard.


5. In the center of the museum is a beautiful courtyard, and at it's center is the final resting place of Harry and Bess Truman.

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